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War Robots is back to China

January 18, 2024

It’s happening: War Robots finally returns to China! Our flagship mobile shooter is already available on the local Apple App Store and across multiple Android app stores.

A quick statistic*: 727 million people in China play games, out of which 680 million play on mobile devices. The local game market is vast and competitive, but at the same time also very challenging to get into! 

Prior to the requirement of an ISBN publishing license in China, the game was available at the App Store and was already highly popular among Chinese players. Around 20% of the game's total downloads on iOS up until 2021 were from China. This resulted in China becoming one of the top-3 markets for War Robots in the App Store at the time.

In March, 2023, thanks to the efforts of the developers and iDeamSky, our partners in China, the game was granted an ISBN license from China's State Administration of Press and Publication (SAPP). It’s important to point out that in 2023, only 27 foreign games were granted a license to be published in the country. Now War Robots are back after a hiatus! 

From 2021 to 2023, the dev team actively developed and supported the game. It received a full graphics remaster, different features, including leaderboards system, events, new game modes and lots of new mechs and weapons and features. Now Chinese players have a lot of great content to jump into.

“You know, we have an old tradition to dedicate one of our in-game events to a Lunar New Year,” said Boris Burangulov, Executive Producer of War Robots. “I'm glad that in the upcoming year, we'll have more players to celebrate it with us!”

Stay tuned for more War Robots news.

* according to the Global Games Market Report 2023 by Newzoo

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