War Robots turns 10! - Pixonic

War Robots turns 10!

April 15, 2024

War Robots is 10 years old! Words can't describe all the great things that happened with the game during those years: more than 270 million players joined us, we started and finished an epic remaster, added innumerable features and content units, and made our favorite game better than ever. What a ride!

Later this month we invite everyone to an epic War Robots Live Show where the developers will share insights about the game and also shed some light on all the exciting things to come. It's April 24, save the date.

But now, let's take a moment and reminisce on all the great things that War Robots achieved in the last decade. Just for that we prepared a big infographic below. And to top it off, we also remembered all the notable events in pop-culture starting from 2014: games we played, movies and TV shows we watched, memes and events we discussed. Prepare to feel nostalgic (and a bit old).

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