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Benito Jaramillo Villar Jaramillo3 месяца назад

Dear Pixonic: I'm pleased to inform you that you're killing the game. From a couple of months ago, our experience is becoming worst and worst, because of some wrong decitions you have made. First is giving power to long distance arms, killing the essence of the game, and giving advantatge to play from 500m long away. Or you change your hanger to have one or two of these robots with long distance weapons or you stop to play War Robots. Second is giving more advantatge to the new bots, dash & inquisitor, but not giving an extra power to the rest of the bots to kill them. Solution, or you spend money to of these bots, or you stop to play War Robots. Third is not giving easy ways to improve bots and arm levels, if you want to maintain your level, you have to spend money or you stop to play war robots. I want to mention a special cases, where some pilots have a full hanger of new bots, with new arms with full 12 leves, just some hours after you have been is very strange, because, for most of the pilots, takes one month or longer to have only one of these bots. I'm reading in different sites, and most of the pilots are agree that you are loosing the essence of the game, just for having money, and your are killing your own gold machine. Most of the pilots are waiting for a new game, and they will change, for sure, because of the way you're taking. OR YOU SPEND MONEY OR YOU STOP TO PLAY WAR ROBOTS PROBABLY THE CHEAPEST AND HONEST WAY IS TO SAY NO! AND STOP TO PLAY A VERY GOOD GAME. Have a pleasant journey and think about your future.

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