News If Gaming is leading the flock – what’s the next Gold Rush? Pixonic CMO Artem Petukhov will take part in AppsFlyer’s MAMA in Berlin and join the discussion about the future of mobile game market and new niches 21-03-2017 News Integrating promos with Pixonic at White Nights Prague’17 Pixonic COO Igor Klyukin will detail the integration of in-game events into War Robots at White Nights’17 in Prague 13-01-2017 War Robots Over 30 mln downloads for War Robots Since the start of this year, over 20 mln users have joined the War Robots family, which only inspires us to further upgrade the game with new content and features. 22-12-2016 News War Robots featured in Google’s Best Games of 2016 In its annual round-up, Google named its best apps and games of 2016. 01-12-2016 News Pixonic at Google Think Mobile Think Mobile is just around the corner – on the 29th of November, Moscow will host one of the largest conferences dedicated to mobile products. 25-11-2016 News The Damage Is Too Damn High or Achieving the Perfect Balance Our lead designer Artur Mostovoy write on Medium how to get the combat balance just right 16-11-2016 News Pixonic at G-Star Korea’16 On 17-20 November, Busan will host G-Star Korea’16 – an international games exhibition that attracts more than 200 000 participants and 600 game developers from across the world. 10-11-2016 News Pixonic at DevGAMM Minsk’16 On the 10th and 11th of November, the capital of Belarus will host DevGAMM Minsk’16 – an annual gaming industry conference for developers and publishers. 13-10-2016 News Pixonic joins forces with Mail.Ru Group Today we are pleased to announce that we will be joining forces with Mail.Ru Group, who will become our main shareholder, acquiring 100% of our shares for $30 million. 03-10-2016 News Pixonic ranked among CIS top-10 developers by revenue In App Annie’s recent report, our company was ranked 8th amongst mobile game developers in the CIS by revenue. 27-09-2016 War Robots War Robots hits 20 000 000 installs This fall, our flagship War Robots crossed a new frontier, passing 20 000 000 installs just three months after its previous milestone of 15 000 000. 20-09-2016 News Pixonic at White Nights Moscow’ 16 On the 11th and 12th of October, Russia’s capital will host White Nights Moscow ‘16 - a conference dedicated to the development and promotion of mobile games. 25-08-2016 News Pixonic at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki’16 On the 5th and 6th of September, Helsinki will host Pocket Gamer Connects - a conference devoted to the latest developments and trends in the mobile gaming industry. 17-08-2016 News Pixonic set to update WWR to War Robots Walking War Robots recently celebrated its second birthday. A lot has changed since the game’s inital launch in 2014 - rest assured that our team will continue working hard to keep WWR as entertaining and exciting as it can possibly be. 02-08-2016 War Robots Building Your Very Own Robot at Home or How Game Content Development and Design Works Pixonic’s lead game designer Arthur Mostovoy opens up on where he gets new ideas for War Robots – from the initial drawing to making it into the final game. 28-07-2016 News Clan battle: clan council with WWR developers Creating not just a successful product but a truly awesome one which we would love to play ourselves was our priority from the very beginning. The feedback of each player constituting the active Walking War Robots community plays a great role in this. 06-07-2016 News Games as a bridge between generations Сomputer and mobile games have been traditionally perceived as a teenage product – a pastime exclusive to the adolescent. The game industry, however, begs to differ. 17-06-2016 War Robots Walking War Robots has over 15,000,000 installs Each and every member of our team tries to bring something new and unique to the table, something that will be valued by all players, while also taking an active part in the overall enhancement of Walking War Robots’ new versions. 16-06-2016 News Pixoniс at White Nights St. Petersburg’16 From the 28th to the 29th of June, Russia's northern capital St. Petersburg will host White Nights St. Petersburg'16 - a conference dedicated to the monetisation, development and promotion of mobile games. 09-06-2016 Press Forbes: Russia’s Pixonic Rethinks Growthhacking To Rocket Its App Up The Charts Pixonic CEO Philipp Gladkov spoke to Forbes about the main mechanisms behind the company’s quick growth. 20-05-2016 War Robots Making Your Unity Game Scream and Shout and Not Killing It in the Process Arthur Mostovoy, Pixonic’s lead game designer, shares his experience in optimising War Robots’ audio to prevent lags from irritating players. 17-05-2016 News Pixonic at DevGAMM 2016 Moscow From the 12th to the 13th of May, Russia’s capital will host DEVGAMM 2016 Moscow - the acclaimed international gaming conference, which will bring together hundreds of old and new faces from the game development industry. 20-04-2016 War Robots Clan Battle — new event for pilots To celebrate Walking War Robots’ second anniversary, we’re holding a roundtable with our most active players - clan members from both iOS and Android. 14-04-2016 War Robots Walking War Robots — 2 year since launch When you’re doing something exciting, you tend to lose track of time. Pixonic found out the hard way - our team barely batted an eyelid as 2 years flew by since the launch of Walking War Robots, which has since become an outstanding success. 14-04-2016 Press Potential pitfalls in mobile shooter MMO design Pixonic’s in-house game designer Alexander Linchik gives the low-down on creating mobile shooter multiplayer maps - where to begin, which tricks to use, and what to keep in mind. 06-04-2016 News Pixonic at Ladies Code On April 26, Moscow will host Ladies Code, a conference dedicated to gender diversification in the IT sector. The conference will bring together leading experts from the IT industry, who will give presentations and talks on interesting cases. 16-03-2016 Press Philipp Gladkov: WWR confidently approaching revenue of $1 million Sergey Babayev, the mentor of “Games Market” rubric at, sat down with Philipp Gladkov to talk about how he came into the gaming industry. 15-03-2016 News White Night Helsinki’16: hot tips for indie developers Alexey Sherbakov, Business Development Director at Pixonic, gave a speech at the White Night Helsinki ’16 conference earlier this year. 11-03-2016 War Robots Walking War Robots has over 10,000,000 installs The flagship game of Pixonic, Walking War Robots, was installed over 10 million times for almost two years since it has been launched. iOS version was launched on April, 15th in 2014, and Android one — on August, 4th in 2015. 09-03-2016 News Pixonic at GDC 2016 One of the largest annual developer conferences, GDC 2016, will be held March 14-18 in San Francisco. 02-02-2016 News Game design: why the details are important I am entirely convinced that a lot of people in the industry are trying to find a "silver bullet" in the form of advanced analytics, marketing secrets, or "ingenious gameplay", forgetting that success depends on a product's quality. 21-01-2016 News Pixonic: three key criteria for choosing a niche for a successful mobile game Igor Klyukin, Chief Operational Officer at Pixonic, the game development company, has written a column for about how to choose an idea for a successful mobile game. 11-01-2016 News Pixonic at White Nights Helsinki’16 Pixonic is attending the White Nights Helsinki ’16 conference held on February 11 and 12 in the Finnish capital. White Nights is an annual international conference dedicated to the development and marketing of mobile games. 28-12-2015 News Achievement unlocked: Top Developer Today Pixonic received Top Developer Badge badge on Google Play. We are thankful to editors of Google Play for their trust and fans of our games, without them it would be impossible. This is only the beginning! 10-12-2015 News Pixonic at DevGAMM Minsk 2015 DevGAMM 2015 will take place in Minsk on December 10-11. Our Head of Business Development Alexey Sherbakov will attend the conference on behalf of Pixonic. 09-12-2015 News Pixonic at Google Mobile Day 2015 Today Pixonic participates at Google Mobile Day 2015 conference that taking plase in Moscow with our head title Walking War Robots. 08-12-2015 War Robots Walking War Robots passes 5 million downloads milestone Pixonic’s main project Walking War Robots has passed 5 million downloads milestone while total number of daily players has exceeded 300,000. 17-11-2015 News Pixonic at G★STAR Conference Pixonic is to attend this year's G★STAR Conference for the Global Game Market which is to take place on 12-13 November, 2015 in Busan, South Korea. 23-10-2015 War Robots Walking War Robots Passes 1 Million Downloads on Google Play Walking War Robots was downloaded more than 1 million times to Android devices, about one month after its global release. 12-10-2015 News Pixonic at White Nights Moscow ’15 Pixonic is attending this year's White Nights conference held on October 13 and 14 in Moscow. 22-09-2015 War Robots Walking War Robots hits Google Play Pixonic's flagship MMO action game about giant war robots is now available on Google Play worldwide. 01-09-2015 News Pixonic at Tokyo Game Show 2015 Our Mobile projects producer Tamara Slavskaya will be attending Tokyo Game Show 2015 20-08-2015 News Pixonic attends DevGAMM Hamburg 2015 Our Development director Alexey Sherbakov will attend the conference on behalf of Pixonic. 19-08-2015 News Pixonic expands to Berlin Pixonic is opening a new branch office in Berlin. 28-07-2015 News Pixonic at China Joy 2015 The Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, China Joy 2015 will soon take place in Shanghai. 24-07-2015 News We made it to the top 10! Pixonic has entered 10 top-grossing Russian companies on the App Store and Google Play. 17-07-2015 News New Office in Belgorod Pixonic branch office in Belgorod moved to the new location: Grazhdansky prospekt 47. 03-07-2015 War Robots Walking War Robots has reached over 2 million downloads Pixonic’s most successful MMO-action game about giant war robots for iPhone, iPad and iPod has reached over 2 million downloads. 09-06-2015 News Mobile World Congress 2015 This year Pixonic is going to take part in Mobile World Congress held on 15-17th July 2015 in Shanghai. 27-05-2015 Robinson Robinson’s Birthday Today is Robinson’s Birthday! We are 3 years old now! 16-12-2014 Robinson Robinson on Windows Phone Robinson is available on Windows Phone. 24-11-2014 News WN Mobile Games Conference Pixonic Company is to take part in “WN Mobile Games Conference” regarding the development and promotion of mobile games which is to take place on 26-27 June 2014 in St. Petersburg. 09-06-2014 News Nuts and bolts: Reverse balance engineering (part 1/2) In this article we’ll try to make out what exactly this reverse engineering is, how this process is organized, what we have to work with in the end and what its fruit are. 29-05-2014 News Nuts and bolts: Reverse balance engineering (part 2/2) Continuation of the article regarding the reverse engineering of the game balance. 29-05-2014 News Development steps of a game for mobile platforms We’re starting the series of articles regarding mobile game development. Articles will explain the steps of a project development and what do they consist of. 18-04-2014 News Pixonic’s participation on Games Week Berlin. The Quo Vadis Conference that took place on 11th April in Berlin attracted more than two hundred thousand developers and representatives of game industry from all over the world. 16-04-2014 War Robots Pixonic has released Robots on Earth. Pixonic Company has launched a new game - Walking War Robots. Currently the project is oriented for the AppStore in 4 countries: Russia, Germany, England and Turkey. The game is free of charge. 15-04-2014 News Pixonic is launching a new project – Walking War Robots. Walking War Robots is our first multiplayer game developed for iOS. Players assume roles of giant battle robot pilots and use their impressive firepower to defeat enemies. 14-02-2014 News Winter Nights: Mobile Games Lead analyst Pixonic, Igor Klyukin, is to give a speach at the conference of the development and promotion of mobile games «Winter Nights: Mobile Games». 27-01-2014 Who Is The Killer (Episode I) “Who is the killer?” is leader among top paid games. Dear friends, we are proud to tell you that all three episodes of "Who is the killer" took the first place among the top paid games on Samsung AppStore. 13-01-2014 Lost in Baliboo The game “Lost in Baliboo” released in the AppStore and Google Play. Pixonic is glad to introduce a new mobile game! 24-12-2013 Robinson Robinson’s birthday! Today is Robinson's birthday! We are 2 year old! 16-12-2013 News Pixonic participated in the annual conference “Digital silicone free 2013.” The annual conference on Digital Marketing "Digital silicone free 2013" took place on November 29 at Digital October. Pixonic company, one of the largest Russian publishers, was among the participants. 03-12-2013 Little Helper The third “Little Helper’s” birthday. Little Helper turned three today! 21-11-2013 Who Is The Killer (Episode I) Three episodes of “Who is the killer” came to Samsung App store We are happy to announce that all three episodes of "Who is the killer?" are available now on Samsung apps. 13-11-2013 News Pixonic goes to ADC 2013 Pixonic is going to visit the App Developers Conference event that will take place on November 5-7, 2013 in Los Angeles. 11-10-2013 News Promotion effectiveness assessment using ROI What should one do with a worthy project? The answer is fairly simple – fill it with traffic and collect income. 22-09-2013 News Game success assessment This is an analytical column from our Lead Analyst Igor Klukin. The article tells how to compare projects between each other and proposes metrics that are suited best for this purpose. 06-08-2013 News Say Hello to Hercules! Pixonic tech team releases Hercules – flexible Cassandra ORM for Java. 26-07-2013 Robinson Robinson Mobile is now available at Samsung Apps It is our pleasure to announce that Robinson Mobile game is now available from Samsung Apps! 25-07-2013 News Pixonic at Flash GAMM! Flash GAMM, the conference for developers and publishers of flash, social and mobile games, was held in Moscow on May 14th. Pixonic was one of the event’s sponsors. 16-05-2013 News Zeptolab uses Pixonic analytics Since this March our PixAPI analytics is used for the new mobile hit Pudding Monsters made by Zeptolab. 27-03-2013 Robinson Robinson made it to AppStore Top-10 in the USA! Robinson game holds top positions among the most popular mobile apps. 14-03-2013 Dwarves' Tale Dwarves’ Tale Entering the Global Market The mobile game Dwarves' Tale by Pixonic was featured in the Google Play App Store on the 22nd of January, 2012. 20-12-2012 Robinson Robinson Turned One Year Today the mobile game Robinson has turned one year with about 3 billion logins over this period! 16-12-2012 Who Is The Killer (Episode I) Unbelievable App Store Downloads Number of Who Is The Killer? Just 4 months after its release on App Store on January 8, 2012, Who Is The Killer (Ep. I), developed by Pixonic, reached the total number of 700 thousand downloads. 06-12-2012 Little Helper Domovyata Turned Two Years On the 21st of November, 2012 a social game Domovyata turned 2 years. 21-11-2012 News App Annie: Pixonic Hits TOP 10 Google Play Publishers Pixonic is one of the most commercially successful publishers in Russia. 21-11-2012 Who Is The Killer (Episode I) Who Is The Killer? Ranked Third in Top New Free Apps Google Play 20 days later after its release, the first episode of Who Is The Killer? for Android ranked third in Top New Free apps for Google Play. 06-11-2012 Little Helper Domovyata Ranks First in Odnoklassniki TOP Social game Domovyata ranked first in the Top of the largest Russian social network Odnoklassniki. 07-10-2012 Who Is The Killer (Episode I) Who Is The Killer? App Store And Google Play Release date Both App Store and Google Play released a new mobile game Who Is The Killer? (Ep. I и Ep. II) practically simultaneously 23-09-2012 Robinson Robinson Ranked Second In Korean T-Store The Android mobile game Robinson, released on December 16, 2011, hit the Korean T-Store Top. 01-08-2012 News Pixonic Division Opened in Belgorod New Pixonic division has opened in Belgorod. 01-08-2012 Robinson Robinson Hits Korean Top of Most Selling Games Robinson was released on December 16, 2011, and soon hit the Top of the largest mobile app stores. 01-01-2012 Press Moskva FM Pixonic producer Nikita Lyubimov on latest social game trends. 08-11-2011 Press Games Blog Russian Little Helper maker Pixonic sets sights on Facebook, iPhones 26-10-2011 Press Gamasutra Russian Social Game Publisher Pixonic Opens U.S. Office 26-10-2011 Central Market Central Market Gains 1 mln. Installs Game’s DAU exceeds 190,000. 24-10-2011 News Pixonic opens office in San Francisco Pixonic today announced the next phase of the company’s international expansion efforts. 24-10-2011 Press InsideSocialGames Russia’s Pixonic Ready to Bet on Facebook, Mobile 06-10-2011 The Lost Island The Island: Castaway Attracts 100,000 Players a Day Castaway players on NK.PL almost doubled within just a few days. 29-09-2011 News Pixonic games have gained over 20,000,000 installs, 800,000 DAU Pixonic top-games rating 21-09-2011 Little Helper Little Helper for iOS top-10 AppStore Little Helper is a popular social game, developed by BIT Games Studio. 09-09-2011 Press InsideMobileApps Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: More Zombies and More Football Top the Charts 07-09-2011 Press InsideSocialGames The Island: Castaway on Facebook Makes Life a Beach 04-08-2011 News Pixonic buys Saint Petersburg-based Mainama studio Pixonic opens Saint Petersburg office based on Maynama studio. 07-07-2011 The Lost Island Release: The Island: Castaway hits Facebook: 320,000 MAU in the first weeks The Island: Castaway is one of Pixonic’s smash-hits on the Russian market. 27-06-2011 Press TechCrunch Social games publisher Pixonic raises $5m 31-05-2011 News Pixonic Has Raised $5mln in Investments These investments will be used to publish new games in social networks through the company’s own PixAPI platform. 30-05-2011 Press Vedomosti A $5mln Game 30-05-2011 Press Kommersant AddVenture Resettles "Little Helper" 30-05-2011 Little Helper Release: Little Helper 2 conquers and Odnoklassniki Game gained 400,000 installs and 100,000 DAU within first week. 03-05-2011 News Pixonic has released a cookbook for successful social network games development Social Games Cookbook is neither a manual nor a strict set of rules but rather a recipe book on how to make hits. 03-05-2011 Press E-xecutive Elena Masolova: ‘You Aren’t Managers, You’re the Central Post Office’ 12-04-2011 Press Sekret Firmi A Tempting Offer 31-03-2011 Press Forbes Masters of the Virtual Reality. Forbes Presents 30 Most Prominent People in Russian Internet Business 28-02-2011 Press Finam FM radio station Elena Masolova’s Success Story 21-02-2011 Press Afisha Elena Masolova Cloned the American and Sold It to Groupon Inc. 02-02-2011 News Six New Games In Portfolio 6 new games will be released by Pixonic in February. 27-01-2011 Press akzia Youth of the Year 2010: Elena Masolova 31-12-2010 Press Forbes Six Main Mistakes at the Start: Successful Start-up Founders Tell About Their Mistakes and How To Avoid Them. 14-10-2010 Press Chastniy Korrespondent Elena Masolova’s Venture Gift 16-09-2010 Press Tom’s Hardware Guide AddVenture Attracts "Smart Money" 18-02-2010 Press STRF Internet as Business 16-02-2010 Press Delovoy Peterburg AddVenture Invests into App Developers 22-10-2009 Press Kommersant Dengi Games Mania 19-10-2009 Press Kommersant AddVenture Hits Social Networks 07-10-2009 Press Sekret Firmi Take and Divide 02-10-2009