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Epic War Robots 10th Anniversary is here!

April 24, 2024

War Robots is celebrating its 10th anniversary – a decade of growth and great content. What a ride!

Time to kick off a grand War Robots Live Show, featuring announcements, insights from the devs and news about the game’s future. To highlight the event and to expand the War Robots lore even further, the team prepared an epic cinematic where familiar heroes find themselves in a very tough situation. The cards are on the table, mistake is not an option – and the only way to win is to unite the forces.

And let's not forget about the content. War Robots’ team prepares new stuff for every update – but the 10th Anniversary one will be special. The most important and anticipated piece of update is the brand new map Ground Zero, which will be the 15th available in the game. This is where the story of War Robots has begun, as the mysterious Cataclysm transformed the Earth into a battlefield for the evergoing Walking Wars. 

To fully unlock this map for PvP, millions of players around the world will have to unite their forces during a big community event – and defeat Grey Swarm spiders in PvE mode. All players with account level 23 or above can take part in the event. 

To make crushing the spiders even more fun, the team prepared a few surprises. Every War Robots player of level 23 and above will receive a free Ultimate Destrier robot upon logging in the game until April 30. And to top it off, 250 D-Gems and a bunch of other goods upon logging in game each day from April 24 to April 30.

But that’s not all. With the update 10.0, the game’s roster welcomes a brand new robot – Pathfinder, a ruthless killer with tiny “hands”. Its ability marks targets for teammates and makes enemies vulnerable to damage, while also repairing the Pathfinder and the robots who secured the kill. To accompany it, there will be a new pilot as well as new weapons and a drone companion. 

To make matches even more exciting, the team added the Rotating Mode queue – modes there will change daily. It will start with variations of existing modes, like a 3v3 Beacon Rush. But in the future, more and more wild and experimental options might arrive, depending on players’ interest.

Here's to many more years of War Robots!

And if you want something more personal, we prepared some amazing merch. You can find it in the link below.

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