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War Robots

Walking War Robots has over 15,000,000 installs

June 16, 2016

Since the launch of Walking War Robots – our flagship game – in 2014, it has been downloaded by more than 15 000 000 players. While its Android launch was held fairly recently, 9.6 million players have already downloaded it on this platform alone.

The continuing evolution of Walking War Robots employs more than 100 professionals of various specialisations. Each and every member of our team tries to bring something new and unique to the table, something that will be valued by all players, while also taking an active part in the overall enhancement of Walking War Robots’ new versions.


In the past year, we accelerated the development of the game’s updates, and will continue refining and improving our project as time goes on, adding new features and improvements. For us, these achievements make up but another step in our continuing path of growth.

Walking War Robots can be freely downloaded from Google Play and App Store – get it now, and engage in exciting robot fights and battle against other players!

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