War Robots

War Robots for Steam is now available on GeForce NOW

April 2, 2020

War Robots has been installed more than 150 million times on App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Facebook Gameroom, and was also adapted for Chrome OS. We want even more players to be able to choose a platform that suits them most. From April 2nd, the PC players will get a new way to play War Robots using NVIDIA gaming cloud service.

This will allow the players to experience the game in top visual settings even on low-performing devices. All they’re going to need is a speed connection (from 15 Mbps) and a device that matches the service’s minimum requirements. 

After the game is downloaded from Steam, the player can sign up at GeForce NOW, download the client, and run it. Find War Robots in the library, and you’re good to go after a quick connection check.

From March 23rd the first month of GeForce NOW subscription is free to support the players during the worldwide quarantine. To activate the trial you just need to sign up — no card required. 

GeForce NOW is available in more than 30 countries. Among them are the ones where the War Robots Steam version is most popular: the USA, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Poland, the UK, Japan, China, Ukraine, and Russia.


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