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Get your own plushie Fujin

March 1, 2024

What’s better than merch of your favorite game? Cute merch of your favorite game! To make that a reality, we’ve designed a limited edition Fujin plushie in collaboration with Makeship. They have a long history of making cute toys based on popular characters from pop-culture.

Just like a beloved robot from War Robots and Little Big Robots, this Fujin is bright and stylish. It’s also equipped with three Punisher guns (also plushies and completely safe), and it comes with its own bag so you can take it anywhere.

How does all this work? To get the plushie Fujin, make a pre-order on the Makeship site. Once all the orders have been gathered – the plushies are going to be produced and shipped.

When can I pre-order? The orders are open from 1-22 March, 2024. This is a limited series, so don’t miss your chance!

How much will it cost? The price for the plushie Fujin is $29.99, excluding shipping. For more information on shipping, check this page.

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