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Last updated: November 09, 2023

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The graveyard of features in War Robots

December 18

Mistakes that we've made, so you don't have to


Enemy AI in War Robots: making bots that are smart — but not too smart

December 4

The story of how we got out AI bots up, running — and fun


Avoid the cell and table swamp: maintaining game balance with ease

November 24

We share an approach to tables that prioritizes developer convenience


Wins and limits of integrating AI in the content production pipeline

November 15

How to integrate AI into the content production pipeline - and does it even make sense to do so?


Game Design Documentation: what it is and how it keeps games together

November 3

Basic rules for writing good GDD


Watch us at webinar about insights on gamer’s behavior

November 1

It’s free!


We’re going to MY.GAMES Game Design Meetup Belgrade

October 26

Learn how we added CCG elements to shooter


Level design in top-down shooters: creating diversified experience using maps

October 26

How to make top-down maps have a sense of replayability and endless fun


Top-down shooter level design: how map design supports game mechanics

October 19

Tips and practical lessons for devs


Game analytic power: how we process more than 1 billion events per day

October 13

One tool to rule them all


Build speed trouble: what to do if a game’s build time increases x10

October 5

Fight back against huge load times


Answers to the level design questions you’ve always wanted to ask

September 22

Career tips, best level designs, 2D vs. 3D, and much more


Crafting a fast, flexible, revenue-boosting mobile game offer system

September 14

The War Robots' case


Pixonic at Meta Central Europe App & Gaming Summit

September 11

Trends and insights


Join us at WN Cyprus’23

September 8

Big panel discussion about maximizing revenue potential in games

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